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Pondering Great Questions Makes Questions Greater

 Be what? ... that's a fair question. She wants to feel in control with regard to her career and finances.

The biggest reason? When you be a certain way, you feel differently. That's what she wants for herself and from now on.


She read a blog post earlier in December and then again December 31st. At which time she re-read just the questions.

That led to her reading the first question this morning ... and then letting it sit for awhile ... so it'd go from conscious to subconscious. You could call it warming up to the idea. The day? January 1st.

Here's the question ... [disclosing full credit to a blog post titled "Testing the Impossible: 17 Questions that Changed My Life" by Tim Ferriss (link at the bottom of this page).

What if I did the opposite for 48 hours?

By the way, she is me. It's kinda like taking the opposite position in writing this page ... at least I thought it was.

Writing that way can add a playfulness you sometimes struggle to share. Not because you don't want to but because you're trying so hard.

Which makes you stop to think you do tell yourself stories ... all the time. You meaning everyone. We all do it. Everyone has a story collection.

Back to the question ... "What if I did the opposite for 48 hours?"

Sounds fun! I did want to eat a lot of baking over the holidays. And, that’s opposite of what I normally do. So I’ve already started with this question.

Now, on a serious note. Which shouldn't be so serious. Because that's me most all the time. I'll have to be opposite. I want to be opposite.

If I were to list five things that are opposite and relevant to taking control of changing my career plus my financial situation ... what would they be? What opposites would truly make a difference over 48 hours?

  • Be Learning: Applying CANI to copywriting and content creation.

  • Be Productive: Make a schedule for content creation.

  • Be Social: Re-Read and practice The Art of Social Media and Social Media Expert

  • Be Reflective: note shifts taking the place of self-limiting beliefs.

  • Be Appreciative: grateful for mentors and resources already available.

What if I did a little of each one of these things over the next 48 hours? How different will I be 48 hours from now?

I don't normally think about the BIG picture in this way ... not all at once, not in 48 hours. Decided. It's worth a try ... and why not?

I invite you to ask yourself the same question. Q. #1 "What if I did the opposite for 48 hours?" from blog post ...Testing the Impossible: 17 Questions that Changed My Life by Tim Ferriss.

My Goal: Create Content Specific to the Beauty of Breakthroughs for Tony Robbins

It's a HUMONGOUS goal and I realize I have a lot of work to do.

Which makes me glad I read a question like this… What if I did the opposite for 48 hours? Where I empowered myself any place I felt not enough by working those five steps.

And, I shared with you ... always with the hope something in what I share helps you or someone you know in some small way.

Here's to …

reaching for goals that really mean something to you. Maybe it's more than a goal. Maybe it's a passion driven goal.

By the way, my name is Becky West. I have studied copywriting and my passion is to create content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs in becoming VAK smart. V for visual. A for auditory. And, K for kinesthetically.

One more invitation … I find the best way to share the beauty of breakthroughs is through quotes, examples, and stories ... which is exactly what you'll find here. 

Please feel welcome to share in perspective on the beauty of breakthroughs. And, thank you for being here. Plus, Happy Breakthroughs!


your acres of diamonds

One more thing …some results! I've been more productive then I have in a long time ... I like the momentum I gained ... and want to do more. So, I'm going to extend this same question over a new time frame which isn't limited by time, but by my goal.

This will do two things right away ... it'll definitely add great variety to not only my thoughts, but my actions too. In an empowering way.

Which was the other thing ... anytime I feel challenged or overwhelmed I love the idea of this one thought ... "What if I did the opposite ... what if I felt the opposite ... for 48 hours? Or, until I reach my goal? Very cool.

If you asked yourself this same question, from the blog post "Testing the Impossible: 17 Questions that Changed My Life" by Tim Ferriss, how could it empower you?

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