Deciding on Becoming VAK Smart

Stay the same, or not? I chose not to stay the same.

 Push Notifications to Becoming VAK Smart


I haven’t explained the big picture of what it means to me in becoming VAK smart.

The reason… there are some things I needed to understand and do before I was ready to see how becoming VAK smart would open my world. More than I could imagine.

🤔 Then once I experienced those things, once they became inner resources I could pull on, I could see plain as day how I’ll always be working on tweaking my beliefs, values, and how I meet my needs to harmonize with becoming VAK smart.

😄 See the thing is, you think you know yourself, until becoming VAK smart unleashes the very best of you, here and there, and everywhere, if you’ll just look.

😯 Then you realize how much you didn’t know, and are sooo very pleasantly surprised. Kinda like, “WoW! I’m like that!”—“Who knew? Not Me!”

Becoming aware and being present is essential to becoming VAK smart. Makes sense, right?

VAK smart expands happy moments. VAK smart expands excited moments. VAK smart expands any empowering emotions you want to have, at a moment's notice.

The beauty of becoming VAK smart is truly coming to your own rescue…

😕 You learn to have compassion for yourself when you’re anything but happy. No matter what the problem is. Small, tiny, BIG, Huge.

🙃 And, you know what to do about it. Your team knows what to do about it. Wait till you meet the team, OMG!

😅 Once you make the decision to become VAK smart you can take a fear and become certain that you don’t have to have it anymore. How cool is that?

How do I know this? Like you, I’m just a regular person. Who wants to share what I believe with heart what I did, is possible for others too.

In fact, here’s my thing—I love that I discovered breakthroughs make you YOU everywhere. And, by everywhere I mean everywhere. Everywhere throughout your day. It looks like this…

💖 Once you become acutely aware that your beautiful energy is something you can experience more often than you do before becoming VAK smart AND you take new empowering action (your thoughts can be action) you’ll have experienced a breakthrough in personal growth.

🎨 When you bring this energy to learning new skills and capabilities, for whatever it is you have an interest in and/or love to do already, specific ways in how you can harness fresh insight with newly gained skills and capabilities will astound you.

💞 Then whether you’re an entrepreneur at heart working for someone else or you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you’re way ahead of the game! And, that’s because this one simple breakthrough in personal growth expanded into personal development, and then revealed tremondous results in what you’re able to share with others.

That’s what I mean when I say, “Breakthrough make you YOU everywhere. That has been my experience.

I’m sharing personal experience of what it means to me to become VAK smart. I learned how to become VAK smart from being a student of Tony Robbins. His book Unlimited Power is a huge part of it, so is his Unleash the Power Within Audiobook.

More background legs of my belief in becoming VAK smart include everything else I’ve done. Everything else I’ve learned.

My Robbins-Madanes Training. Unleash the Power Within Events. Online Challenges with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. And, so much more!

I built new beliefs. Empowering beliefs about what I could do. And, how I could do it.

I did this by pulling on new inner resources—on the things I had to understand and experience before making the decision to become VAK smart.

Just thinking, if you’re not yet a fan of Tony Robbins, you probably aren’t familiar with his work and don’t know what VAK means.

It’s this…

V is for Visual

A is for Auditory

K is for Kinesthetic

One of the things I had to understand before making the decision to become VAK smart was realizing that I was just like a diamond in the rough.

More on that later! Till next time, stay tuned! And, happy breakthroughs!

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