About the Beauty

The Intrigue Behind Sharing the Beauty of Breakthroughs.

Behind every story, quote, or example is a discovery for you. You won't find it just in reading. Nope. You have to do one thing to initiate discovery for yourself. Yep.

You have to reflect on the story, quote, or example. You don't have to do it right away. In your own time is good. In fact, it might be better to sit with it awhile. Just be sure to tell yourself you'll be reflecting on it in a day or two.

That's the start ... you have to initiate. Become an initiator.

Why? because ... I believe there’s a connection between the love you feel for yourself and your passion ... I really do.

And, the initiator, you, needs to show you (in action) just how much you do love yourself. That, I believe, is the connection between the love you feel for yourself and your passion.

Personal Breakthroughs & You! Your World.

How do you see it? ... based on your experience? When you think about it ... how do you feel about your work? Generally.

And then ... how can you have passion for something when you don't already feel a love and passion for doing something?

What if ... I'm not saying you ... but what if you never felt a strong passion for your work before? I mean never.

How do you get from there to experiencing a love and passion for what you do? Real passion. And, the creativity that goes with it?

About Creating Content Specific to the Beauty of Breakthroughs

Here's what I discovered while creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart ... Passion grows.

You build on it all the while you work on your creativity. I didn't experience passion when I first started my journey of online training with American Writers & Artists Inc.

Or, when I took online training with Brian Tracy International. It's no where the same as it is today. Today I can feel a certainty in my heart ... isn't that funny? It's not certainty but I can feel a certainty. And that is, I know what I love to do.

Traveling to personal development then to personal growth and then back to personal development is the start of my journey.

Change started to happened due to breakthroughs in personal development and as an entrepreneur at heart. But not before I experienced breakthroughs in personal growth.

The truth is I couldn't grow any more in personal development or as an entrepreneur at heart without personal growth first. How do I know with such certainty?

I stopped me. I blocked me. I couldn't look to any plan for personal development or the enjoyment of learning as an entrepreneur at heart  because the feeling of security disappeared when I realized something new.

I realized I was going through the motions of everyday life and totally ignoring me. This had to stop before I could move on.

This is a perfect example of getting fed up ... frustrated, and impatient with yourself. It's taking a stand for yourself within and feeling the disempowering habits of belief begin to dissipate.

It's noticing and feeling your own personal power where you can no longer blame anything outside yourself for who you truly are.

It's not about out there ... somewhere that makes you feel as you do. It's about in here ... inside of you that makes the difference. Your difference. The difference in how you experience each and every moment of every day.

There is a coach within you ... you could call this wise part of you something else ... who is always there for you. He or she doesn't want you to be perfect, you don't have to be perfect.

Just be you. And as Tony Robbins says, "... go out there and have fun, screw up, you're going to anyway". I need to do this. How about you?

On a more serious note ... okay, not so serious. All I did was explore what was interesting to me at the time ... not only interesting, but what would help me so I could get going again. Not feel stuck.

My resources? A variety of books, tapes, and seminars. What I'm getting at is we all know you can't give away what you don't have, right?

To start, I came to the conclusion that if you don't love yourself (honestly and truly), the kind of love you give away will be a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Which is limited at that point. The scale of difference for anyone and everyone would be hugely different.

At first, I liked the thought of "learning" to love who I am and thought I was doing a pretty good job. It seemed fairly easy. Here's where I was in for a big surprise and began to discover the beauty of breakthroughs …

Expect the Best Surprises with Personal Breakthroughs

This is a perfect demonstration of stubbornness. The what I needed to get from "before breakthroughs" to "after, that is, what it feels like to experience the beauty of breakthroughs". In personal growth.

The stubbornness? I already mentioned it but it's worth mentioning again. I would not and could not continue within any plan for personal development or learn as an entrepreneur at heart.

I met Dr. Barbara DeAngelis and attended my first Breakthrough Seminar. I went to two of these and to a Goddess Seminar as well. I earned a certificate as a student of Robbins-Madanes Coach Training. And, I became an avid student of Tony Robbins.

Little did I know about how much I didn't know. It's a funny thing about personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart.

You gain immense appreciation for yourself once you discover something, become aware, and create a positive change for yourself.

Something else also happens. You grow to love yourself even more. Which means ... yes! You have that much more share with the people you love and in your work. Whatever that is for you.

I was intrigued about personal growth because it made me feel good ... which led me to so much more.

The so much more is what I'm happy to share with you here today which is the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart.

And, the best way to do that is based on my passion to create content specific to that beauty. Enjoy!