Work it! Awareness Quotes

Breakthroughs in start with awareness and grow from there. You grow from here ... EXPANDED AWARENESS

Insight ... take it further. Play it further.

That's expanded awareness. ​ I’m not a great golfer or even a good golfer. But I do remember a time I golfed more often than I do today and thought it’d be fun to share a handful of quotes that relate to golf. ​

These quotes are about taking an insight and acknowledging a truth … for you.

Sometimes quotes you read seem obvious and you might wonder why you don’t already action them. ​Then again, maybe you’ve never considered something from that perspective for you. PLAY IT FURTHER [animated: duration 1.5 seconds]

Or, maybe you plain forgot about a quote that resonates with you and could make a difference in the way you look at things. Today. After all, it’s hard to remember everything.

Or, maybe you have a self-limiting belief from a long time ago. Created by you from stacked experiences of unsuccessful attempts in reaching for a goal.

No matter how you look at it …

Awareness is good. Expanded awareness is even better. It can take any conversation to the next level. Including the conversation you have with you.

Stretch what you see or want to see true for yourself in an empowering way when you read these quotes. Because that IS where you’re going to find the very best feelings.

[photo or graphics w/text: Image: green. Quotes. For you. Fresh perspective. New ideas. Or reminders of what you already know. Image: Lining up ball. Insight. Yours. When you stop to think about it … it happens more often than we realize. Image: Sun, tree. Breakthroughs. Yours. New experience. A personal breakthrough just waiting to happen. ]


Awareness might not seem like a big deal but it is. It's the start of any breakthrough experience. ​

No different than when you top or bottom the ball ... or hit the sweet spot with your golf swing. ​ When you're off you gain experience.

When you hit the sweet spot you build momentum for a great hole.

When you’re aware of how quick and easy it is to vary your perspective you build momentum.

Especially when you have self-limiting beliefs.


Yes! And, that's because when you get a hunch ... I feel ... it's because you're being prompted for change. ​

Then when you take the an insight further (in thoughtfulness) you gain new awareness. Expanded awareness.

It’s from here you can make a new decision​ to change something based on your insight.

A change in how you want to feel … most of the time. A change that has nothing to do with the outside world and everything to do with you. ​

A change that happens because you care about how you feel and you care about other people. ​

The beauty of this is you're demonstrating heartfelt understanding. Starting with you. Which means it becomes something you can do for others. ​

That's the BIG of EXPANDED AWARENESS. At least from my perspective.

"quote Anais Nin Quote, we don’t see things


What do you see for your golf game. What are the top three beliefs about your game? And, how does the scorecard reflect your beliefs?

When you believe you always shank the ball and that’s the way it is … you shank the ball and that’s the way it is. That’s what you see. See, do, see, do, see, do.

What if you questioned how you position yourself before you take a swing? What if you questioned your posture before taking the shot? What if you looked at your swing more closely or had someone watch what you do?

Now, what is a belief you have about yourself that makes you feel … pretty much the same as someone who always shanks the ball?

What if you questioned how you came about that belief? What if you looked at the situation(s) where you created that belief? How have things changed since that incident? What have you learned about yourself since then? Chances are you forgot to deal with feelings that have no bearing on what you truly believe today. I know that’s been and still is my experience.

"We don’t see things as they are we see them as we are quote

Improve Your Game

What you see and how you see something is not just because. There's reasons. And, those reasons are based on the beliefs you have about yourself. ………………..

"Denis Waitley Quote, it’s not what you think you are

In golf? What about the wave of disappointment you feel when you blow a shot? Or something else? Gain? new experience.

How often do you find yourself thinking you can’t do something?

Leading to a solution. In golf, especially when you’re a novice golfer, you might experience that wave of disappointment that happens each time you land in the rough.

Afterall, it could take one, two, or three extra shots to get back on the fairway … that’s one, two, or three extra strokes.

Your gain? Experience.

I didn't know this was something I should think about because I was already thinking and/or believing I couldn't do a certain thing.

And, I didn't realize when I did have a self-limiting belief it was in MY control to change that belief.

Self-limiting beliefs can be like extra strokes in a golf game. There’s a solution and there’s the experience(s).

"Quote: e.e. cummings quote, it takes courage to grow up

Swing High Swing Low

Top the ball? Bottom it? Spray to the right? Overall played for 9 or 18 mini goals … I mean holes?

Best Experiences?

New to golf? … the rules of golf? … golf etiquette?

Things I remember … top the ball? Change my swing! Too much bottom? Make a change. Tee off spraying to the right? Or, to the left? Change how I position myself and therefore my swing.

Actually, my ball didn’t spray any which way … it just went that way.

I kept a counter on my golf bag to help me keep track of all the strokes I took. I accounted for every stroke. All umpteen of them.

I enjoyed the combination of anticipation, progress (as defined by the rules of the game), and respect not only for other players but for your own game too.

It tickled my funny bone to have to be so quiet before someone took a shot.

And on top of that you got a beautiful walk … on a gorgeous day … with fun company. What a cool environment.

The biggest stretch? Having nine immediate mini goals that would be finished in only a couple of hours. I wasn’t a goal setter back then. I mean, I didn’t have one set goal.

I did things … but not because it was goal. Interesting … I think I’m setting myself up again. Curiosity leads way to courage … or so it seems. Since you discover reasons you want to do something different.

"Quote: Brian Tracy Quote, the person we believe

Your Golf Game Strong short game? Better long game? What do you have to do to get to the top of your game? And no matter what … how do you enjoy the game?


Do you have a strong short game? A better long game?

Have you mastered the game of golf … to your liking?

What have you done to be at the top of your game? What do you need to do to get to the top of your game?

A best thought … how do you enjoy the game, no matter how you play?

Compare these questions to the beliefs you have about yourself where you want to create a specific change.

"Quote: Tony Robbins Quote, change leads to more change

Practice and Plays

Double bogeys. Par. birdie. Eagle. Albatross. Longest drive. Hole in one.

She got two holes in one! 2 Holes in One in One Round


Once you’ve improved your game you might think of the time you got ... Two double bogeys. Par. A birdie. An eagle. An albatross. Longest drive. A hole in one. She got TWO hole-in-ones in one round! You can read about it here (Just don't forget to come back!).

Change Leads to More Change is quoted from Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins.

Like persistence and practice shave strokes off your game ... changes in personal growth are gradual and accumulate too. ​

Can you see how conscious effort into creating day to day experiences you want to be feeling result in your own big wins?

By the way, see the variety of communication styles you're creating already? See how favourite quotes can instantly add spice and variety to self-talk?

"Quote: Henry David Thoreau Quote, things do not change,we change

Change your game? Your grip? Stance? Swing? Clubs?

Beliefs? Values? Rules? (about yourself) and how you reflect each one in your day.

The Game Changers.


It'd be silly to think we could change our game based on outside circumstance.

The best and only way to change our game is to look at what we're doing.

Change your grip. Change your stance. Change your swing. Change your club.

What else could you do?

How about …

If ever you and I are feeling disempowered because of self-limiting beliefs or habits of focus then we’re not doing a great service to ourselves. Which ultimately, has a ripple effect.

So instead, you and I can change our mindset (to serve us!) with breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart.

"Quote: Colin Powell Quote, none of can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change

Old Scorecard

See past experiences. Believe “the past does not equal the future” Tony Robbins because you update your beliefs, values, and rules.


Land in the bunker. Overhit the green. Tee off and shot fades to the right. Bad slice (curves hard to the right). Tee off and ball draws to the left … hook the ball (curves hard to the left).

Today you experience your golf game one way … whatever way it is for you. Tomorrow can be different.

For all of us … hey, that includes you and me!

Sometimes people say everyone in telling a story and it’s not always true.

Everyone … really? It may only be one, two, or however many people … but it's not usually everyone [reference: Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, Chapter 12 | The Power of Precision].

In this instance, it is ALL, and it's meant in a very positive, empowering way!

"Quote: Tony Robbins Quote, identify your problems, but give your energy to solutions

Read the Slope Line up the ball. The slope … distance?

The BIG picture of a mini goal. You try your best. Expect it even.

For a best putt. …………….. READ THE SLOPE, THE BIG PICTURE

9 iron, 3 iron, 1 wood, 7 iron, chipping wedge, putter ~ choices.

Eye up the ball … the slope … the distance. How’d you do the shot before? Which club did you use? What strength did you put into your swing? Was it a full swing?

Expanded awareness is like eyeing up the ball … the slope … the distance. So you come up with a better solution.

Well, it’s not so much a solution as it is just a way to be yourself. Happy and all. As in relaxed. Playful. Creative. You get the picture.

With quotes being the just right amount of oomph you need to land on the green.

"[Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions is quoted from Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins.]

" Tony Robbins Quote, most people have limited patterns of

Making Contact

What makes it work? Grip, stance, swing? A combination? Specific movements affect contact. To make contact with the ball - the difference lies in specific movement. And since ... “Emotion is created by motion. -Tony Robbins” what other combo makes sense?


How do you hold the club for the first time? What's grip got to do with it? What do you need to do to make contact with the ball when you swing? How do you hit ball? Are you consistent?

Golf tips: bend your knees. Keep your eye on the ball. Keep your head down. Take a practice swing. Follow through with the club. Everytime.

Like golf … what you experience every day is a result specific repetitions.

The time the repetitions becomes a concern is when you feel disempowered because of conscious or unconscious habit.

Personal growth is a work-in-progress … just like improving your golf game. [... most people have limited patterns of physiology that result in limited patterns of expression is quoted from Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins].

"Zig ziglar quote: you don’t forget negative thinking, you force it out

Golf Tips

Strategy doesn’t work by itself. Have to practice. Repetition obviously improves your game. Insight and action work the same way. With enough repetition they’ll force out old habit of thought.


Perspective from a novice golfer on how to gain new insight into your game.

Golf tips ... golf strategy doesn't work by itself. You have to practice.

Repetition is important in this game. Practice and repetition changes your swing. ​

You learn not to keep swinging at the ball with the same habit you had before … not after you’ve learned a thing or two to correct your swing. ​

Likewise, you can focus on brighter experiences, just because.

You can look at a same challenge with the perspective of someone you look up to. ​

You can change physical habits starting small, to see if it really does makes a difference and it does. ​

You can start with a smile. Smile with your eyes. Smile with your body … okay, I’m getting goofy. But you could smile with your body by being more relaxed. Sound like a great habit? Why not feel better?

"Quote: Earl Nightingale Quote, your world is a living expression


>Golf Reflects Same so does personal growth, personal development, and being an entrepreneur at heart. Said another way … so does being a diamond in the rough, experiencing diamond status, and discovering your acres of diamonds. Your world?

?Golf reflects these words. As for breakthroughs the first that comes to mind here has to do with being a diamond in the rough [personal growth] whereby diamond status [personal development] is learning and discovering how to express your art, with your acres of diamonds being full expression of who you are and what you love to do. How do you see your world?

"Quote: Jeremy Collier Quote, everyone has a fair turn Your Turn?

Golf rules and course etiquette make it fair for you. Perspective and commitment make a difference. Presence plays a huge part. For everyone? Yep! This quote means everyone.


Golf rules and course etiquette give you more than a fair turn on each course. It’s your perspective and commitment to the game that makes a difference. Presence plays a big part. A huge part. Being aware of your game and habits gives you an edge up on your game. Persistent patience and practice improves your game based on choice of what to do and what not to do.

Again, "everyone" in this quote is "all", it's both you and I. It IS everyone!

This thought empowers me look at what I’m doing and what I could do differently to better my game.

Who doesn’t want to relax and enjoy the game? Make the putt? And, if that means I have to be present while I make the shot, well, I think I can do that. It just takes practices. And, taking my turn.

See how all that can work towards any day? And, everyday?

thanks for your company! Thanks for the visit! It’s been fun to walk you through a handful of quotes, insight, and taking it further.

I hope it shares fresh perspective, food for thought, or connection with the thought, “Hey, someone else feels this way too!”.

Make the Little Things Work With favourite quotes. Make them work for you. Inspire you. And, help you do what you want to do to create empowering change.

"Quote: Tony Robbins Quote, it’s often the littlest thing


Here’s how I put this quote into context for me: My long game is consistent with good, but short, tee offs.

I like using the three iron for distance rather than the one, two, or three wood.

The reason? I make contact and the ball goes, pretty much most of the time. I’m consistent.

How does this little thing make the biggest difference to my game?

One, my ball plays safe and I don’t usually go out of bounds. That’s the little of my golf game.

Two, it's my way to get to the green. I make great contact … it just never goes very far. Consistent hits make the biggest difference to my game.

This is me looking at my long game over a short period of time and seeing a pattern (where repetition = habit) develop.

But say you can’t see the habits you’ve developed in your golf game … then what?

You might take a golf lesson, ask someone who has a great handicap to golf with you, or improve the golf techniques you know but haven’t practiced, yet.

This is looking at insight ... and taking it further! How else could this apply to you? How could you put this quote into context for you?

How can drive make you a success? [Tony Robbins] Excited! Meaningful! What are your drives? Real belief: you got to Tap into your drives! |

What’s golf without the 19th hole?

Even if you only play 9 holes! Or, however many. Now, based on that, can I say something? This is a very short interview … including some of Tony Robbins’ Ted Talk.

The reason I share it with you is because I am a huge fan and student of his work.

My favourite thing about Tony Robbins is how much he cares about the people he helps. You can’t help but see this … and it doesn’t matter where you’re at. Whether you’re feeling empowered or disempowered he finds a way to help you breakthrough (there’s always room for growth). And, you feel safe because you know for real he does care.

Those things … they matter. To me and I’m sure to you too.



Makes you want to golf more often, makes me want to golf! It also makes you want to picture ... to experience a feeling of great accomplishment for your game.

For me it'd be learning how to use woods on the fairway and teeing off ... just to see if I could hit the ball further. What would it be for you? 

Follow-through is essential to a good golf swing. What does it look like to take an insight … and play it further? To create empowering meaning.