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I have to ask, "Why would you, Tony Robbins, be intrigued to accept a dinner invitation for two? Besides to share in new friendship, stories, and natural beauty?".

About the story and The Things We Have in Common
My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blog

About the story I told you at the beginning of this invitation ... I'm not sure that he was a he ... that he was even male. It might have been a female.

And, it wasn't my chair he stole ... and then toppled. It was just a white chair on the deck.

There was no tea or book.

But everything else is true.

He was standing on his hind legs, feet pointed out in a "v", with one front paw on the railing ... the other on the back of the chair.

And, he was looking out onto the water. He did plop himself down onto the chair and continued to gaze out at the view. He even kinda slumped down in his seat ... as if to sigh at the beauty of the view.​

It was when he got up and stood on the chair that it toppled over. It was a black bear.

I didn't work here at the time ... but I saw pictures and was captivated. And, wanted to share the magic of the moment. A truly magical moment. ​

Where in the world do you see a bear sit in a chair AND look out at the view? Here. It happened here at Hidden Cove Lodge.

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blog

Taste ... Is to Create a Full Experience

The other thing I want to share with you is I have eaten dinner here. Twice. Well over ten years ago and it was delicious. ​

But I haven't had dinner here this year ... or even last year. ​ The exciting news is that's going to change.

I'm having dinner here Saturday night, October 1st and am inviting you and Sage to be my guests. Will you come? ​

It's a small dinner party of about ten people ... a staff party. And you're more than welcome to come. ​ It'd be a pleasure and honour to have you both join us. Thank you so much for everything you've given me and so many other people.

The Only Difference Besides Wild Visitors

And, besides the Best of Nature? New experiences! and beautiful moments. The details of your dinner invitation … are right here.

Dinner Invitation for Two

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