Education-Based Marketing Lesson

Why the Entrepreneur at Heart Loves Education-Based Marketing

The biggest reason the entrepreneur at heart loves Education-Based Marketing is because who doesn't love more ways to share your passion?

Another reason? ... you learn how to express your passion in a way that meets the needs, goals, and desires of your target market. What's not to love about that?

So, where to start? How about here? Every great relationship grows with heartfelt understanding.

Therefore, how can heartfelt understanding for breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and entrepreneurship make for a positive difference in your marketing piece?

For customers and potential customers? For your ideal customer? For you and your team and the job you do? For your business as a whole?

The answer is obvious … this combination would create win/win/win all the way round. It would create breakthrough communication. For everyone.

How do you experience heartfelt understanding for breakthroughs in personal growth? Personal development? And, as an entrepreneur at heart?

If you’re new to breakthroughs where would you begin to develop this understanding? By first taking a look at how you contribute and what that means to you. Plus then, at your each and every breakthrough experience.

This is how you experience heartfelt understanding. It starts with you. You take this understanding to help you create your Education-Based Marketing piece.

It's like you've taken and added presence to the essence of your work ... and shared it with the people you can help best.

The Lesson ... How an Entrepreneur at Heart Excels at Education-Based Marketing

In a few words, Education-Based Marketing is about discovering balance for …

Your core message. The benefits of your products and services. The needs and desires of your ideal prospects and customers.

With right communication. It's about creating effective communication between you and your ideal prospects and customers.

On that note … how do you match the needs of ideal prospects and customers with your product or service? This is hugely important … as you already know.

And so is the question – how do you start the conversation with ideal prospects? Here's one way [a favourite quote] ...

A favourite because I don’t like trying to sell anyone. Plus, it’s fun!

It gives you the opportunity to connect with people in a way that demonstrates your expertise and how you meet their needs with your product or service.

Greater communication IS happening everywhere! It’s what social media is about and that’s just one example. What else is happening for companies and entrepreneurs?

The way of communicating with prospects and customers is changing. It’s become incredibly interesting! For you the customer and for your customers.

Effective communication between you and your ideal prospect or customer is just one result of Education-Based Marketing.

This is by far my favourite lesson! ... You can attract far more buyers by offering to teach something of value to them than you will ever attract by trying to sell them something. ~ Chet Holmes

You also create new relationships, loyal clients, and fans of your business. Plus, when your ideal customer sees a marketing piece providing him or her with incredible value why wouldn't he or she want to advance onto the next phase of your marketing strategy?

In other words, he or she has already said yes! to your offer of an article, powerpoint presentation and/or newsletter. And based on the value you share ... your ideal prospect has gained great insight plus a little breakthrough experience before getting your products and services. Real value.

Ready for more? An invitation do you turn an Education-Based Marketing piece into Personalized Education-Based Marketing piece? Happy to share more experience ... right here!

I'll give you a hint ... by entertaining and educating with the heart of your message!

You can take passion, what you've created as an entrepreneur at heart, and share your passion to help others. Even if it's just one person. There's tremendous beauty in just that.