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Sharing what worked for me … how to build on unique capabilities and discover ways to contribute as a result of finding your acres of diamonds.

Entrepreneur at Heart! ... that's me.

How does it feel to live with passion? How does it change what you do?

When you're an entrepreneur at heart it changes how you absorb information specific to your passion. 

It's top of mind and offers both fresh perspective and variety all at once!

My experience says it takes you from feeling like you have a hard time learning to the empowering belief where that thought no longer enters your thoughts. Because you learn there are some things not as difficult to learn as others, and for you too!

There was a time I believed I wasn't very smart. I didn't say it to people, I just felt it. And, because I believed it to be true I was tense any time I was learning.

That was then. This is now. I found that when I'm learning something which empowers me (and others) with regard to what I love to do it feels effortless.

The reason? My passion is always top of mind anytime I read a book, listen to an audio, or watch a video on personal growth, personal development, or as an entrepreneur at heart.

It feels like I'm in conversation about one of my favorite topics. It also adds great variety to my work. I feel better equipped like a painter with a palette of colour and nine different paint brushes.

Repetition becomes fun for the first time ever offering opportunity to practice a strategy or technique in a variety of ways specific to your work. Your art.

You gain fresh perspective. Actually, perspectives which add great variety to your work. I love that.

A Bird’s Eye View -- Connections Between Each Skill Developed

In short, and for instance, I attended Brendon Burchard's Non-Profit & Corporate Partnership Seminar Weekend. The workshop was HIGH ENERGY … related to Brendon’s fast pace in teaching about content. Loved taking notes and getting creative to absorb core messages throughout the weekend. (another breakthrough! Saw the connection this event has with my passion for becoming a copywriter).

I signed up for Robbins-Madanes Coach Training. The highlight? Breakthrough experiences in the training and as a student. I favoured them as a student. And, processed each training module through my own personal transformation to discover and uncover as much as I could about awesome communication.

Plus, as much as I did it for me personally, I knew it’d help me with my work as a copywriter. 

My absolute favorite part of the training was watching the films. In fact, I got to watch awesome communication take place every week, for a year. That is, I got to watch Tony Robbins coach and help someone (which always carried with it the ripple effect to other people) in every film.

Build Momentum Without the Guarantee of ... Anything!

Here’s where you can discover or uncover more of what it is you love to do.

It began to make sense that breakthroughs as an entrepreneur or entrepreneur at heart (as an intrapreneur or employee) IS the place to be to action your passion AND realize your niche.

Next -- work within your niche. With or without experience.The way I do it is with practice and how I practice is by creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs.

Back up a minute … patience is important for the entrepreneur at heart because as time goes by (years for me!) you still might not know the details of what you’re going to do. This IS exactly my experience.

I didn't have a picture of what it was I could do that would make me happy and be fulfilling at the same time. And when I did ... I didn't know how those details could be adjusted to fit me.

I didn't know enough to make it a goal. Actually, it's been a goal, just not a clear goal. And, how I know that is I had the "why" behind the goal for a career … just not the how. The just right how.

The reasons? Self-limiting beliefs about what was possible for me. The other reason ... I had more exploring to do. Had? Have.

Easing into the World of an Entrepreneur

Breakthroughs as an entrepreneur at heart is exactly what I needed to create the confidence and certainty for what I do today. They also help me feel great about what I can do as I learn and apply new techniques or new strategy (things I’d never have talked about before!).

Know what else I just thought of? Even though there were and are self-limiting beliefs to work through ... there's stubbornness, persistence, and a determination to fully express my passion and share it with others.

I can't think of a better feeling than the glow of warmth you feel from doing what you love. This truly gives your creativity a place to expand.

Wait a minute, about that last sentence … tell me, just how the heck would someone know to say that, with heart and conviction that it's the absolute truth, when she's never been hired to do what she loves? How does she know that?

Actually, there’s an easy answer ... I believe habit of emotion is a main player for any breakthrough. I discovered passion for my work because of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart. And, I work that passion.

I also believe habit of emotion alters perception and understanding of what you’re truly capable of within any plan you have for personal development and/or entrepreneurship. This has a direct effect on the choices you make to learn new things and do new things. Decisions. Choices. And, action make a difference. Realization: Base these three things on nurturing your passion to cultivate a new habit and go from there!

The magic? Combine all of this and come up with something you're excited about. Here’s what I know today ...

  • I have passion. Yes!
  • I have enthusiasm. Yes!
  • I feel excited! Yes!
  • I love my work. Yes!
  • I love working toward my goal.Yes!

    Sound familiar ... in reference to the little library I mentioned earlier? It's just that, I feel the things I was focusing on when I was reading and listening to role models teach about personal growth, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

    I just realized that today. It makes me want to encourage you to explore your biggest question about life. About yourself.

    Why? Because well, look what can happen. I didn't know it'd happen for me like this back in 2006.

    My experience says if you don't already feel passion for your career or contribution ... there is still great discovery for you.

    Hmm … why am I saying that? Remember, I haven’t been hired to do what I love, yet.

    It's because that’s not stopping me from doing what I love to do. I can't wait! There’s too much to do.

    This is what I mean ...

    You’ll get idea after idea after idea when you do what you love. Plus, you’ll grow by experiencing breakthroughs as an entrepreneur at heart.

    Okay, one more thing about breakthroughs as an entrepreneur at heart ... and it's a bonus (you give yourself).

    You're, yet again, adding to your belief system! You're building an even BIGGER belief system. For the things you CAN do.

    It’s heart. It’s passion.

    Which of course affects your whole lifestyle … every area! Including relationships. How can it not?

    Pretty incredible don’t you think? Especially when you don't think of yourself as a strategic person. I know I don't think of myself that way.

    Tony Robbins Quote

    Leading to your acres of diamonds ...

    Entrepreneur's at Heart Automatically Walk the Talk

    The funnest thing I discovered about myself is that I am creative. I just had to give myself the time, space, and love to be creative in my own way (I had to experience breakthroughs).

    That is something I can proudly and authentically share with others!

    And what makes it fun has to do with taking lessons, techniques, or tips of the day and playfully seeing how I can tweak it for a project at hand. That's just one of the perks you create for yourself.

    Can you see why I have a soft spot for breakthroughs as an entrepreneur at heart? And, why I want to share they're a good thing?

    You should know there was a time I didn't know what a breakthrough was … didn't know people had them. And, most certainly didn't know how incredibly helpful they could be … and for me too!

    Helpful is an understatement. It's an understatement because breakthroughs help you be you. Period.

    Breakthroughs took me from feeling like I was in a communication gap to believing awesome communication is a part of my life now, and it starts with me.

    Plus, it became apparent to me that the story I made up about being in a communication gap is a perfect demonstration of holding onto wrong resources (beliefs). I needed to clean up and update my files, so to speak.

    Tony Robbins teaches you how to be resourceful. ... his work clearly demonstrates how to create awesome communication, starting with you. And, the beauty is how it empowers you and then everyone else in your life. Because you bring a different you, the unique you, the real you to a relationship.

    I'm grateful for each role model in my personal life and as a student of breakthroughs.

    They've helped me create a new meaning for communication. It includes heartfelt understanding, starting with you.

    Love you. Speak from the heart. And, empower yourself so you can empower others. Because you really do care.

    My experience also says you have to get you right before you can share the beauty of your work. Otherwise it comes out all confused. With the right being everything about you. Your perspective. Your understanding. Of you.

    I believe if you too have a dream for a career or making a contribution, in whatever way works for you … that's very real for you.

    Here's one way I feel the reality of it ... I learned you don't have to actually see your goal. You can start by feeling it. I found quotes help!

    I took a Goals Program written by American Writers & Artists Inc. and Joe Vitale.

    That's where I found a perfect quote shared by Joe Vitale ... which is taped to the top of my computer screen. It says ...

    What would be the one thing so BIG that when you accomplished or achieved it, it would knock your socks off and make the world stand up and say holy shit! ~ Debra Ann Nagy

    My Big Humongous Goal

    I’m creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs in for Tony Robbins with personalized education based-marketing.

    The reason I have this quote on my computer is because it gets me feeling the effect of my accomplishment before I accomplish it.

    It gets me feeling the excitement behind my goal … it gets me to picture myself the moment I realize I actually achieved it. That’s what I love about this quote for my goal! It helps me feel the everything you feel when you accomplish something that means a lot to you.

    Back to you ... if you want to create a photo album, so to speak, filled with your own unique pictures of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart, I for one, highly recommend you find yourself a role model who creates empowering change because that's what they love to do. And, that what they do.

    Thank you for being here! I hope I was able to help you visual the grace, strength, and yes, the vulnerability, each breakthrough brings. 

    from one diamond in the rough to another - Happy Breakthroughs!