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Hi Tony! My name is Becky and you're receiving this invitation from me so let me introduce myself. My name is Becky West. And since ...

Progress equals Happiness

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blog

I just realized that if making progress is what makes you happy ... then no wonder I love looking at the ocean. ​

Not only is it beautiful ... it's movement. It's motion. Energy in motion ... that's a double wow!

What perfect quotes, thank you! If you can't already tell ... I am a huge fan of your work. ​

I love it because I can just be me and it works for me. I love it because you don't have to be someone you're not. I love that. I love that someone ... you ... understand I'm the way I am for reasons.

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blogthe simplicity of me

I understand and love the simplicity of me. I love there are things I can do now. For real.

Appreciation Always Feels this Good

I love how you empower your fans ... you empower them ... us ... so we can authentically be ourselves. I love the strength you find when you do empower yourself.

I even love when you feel humble ... because you discover you haven't been as good to yourself as you could have been ... and had you been good to yourself you could have added that same good to anytime you connected and loved someone else. ​

Talk about a humble feeling. Funny thing is ... it's with love so you smile and anticipate how it's going to feel from now on. I'm not saying anything about being perfect ... just relating to how once you know and feel it ... you know.​

About my humongous goal ...  I experience what it feels like to set a goal for yourself that is totally aligned with your beliefs, values, and rules …

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blog

My goal, as a copywriter, is to create content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart ... for you and your team. ​

In fact, I've written a letter to you as well. And, although it's not the reason I'm sending this invitation, you're welcome to read it at your leisure. It's right here. ​

With that said, I have a special guarantee for you and Sage and that is ... I won't bring it up, this goal, should you join us for dinner at the lodge ... not even once. I won't talk about it unless you decide you want to ... I just want to take the first step to invite you both to the most beautiful place I've ever worked.

Plus, one of the reasons I thought you might be interested in coming is because none of this stuff ... of what I've shared so far ... is surface. No fluff. It's the total opposite ... and everything about beauty.

So, before you decide on whether or not to accept this invitation please consider this ... (it's about the story!).

Dinner Invitation for Two

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