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Here's How Empowering Beliefs & Personal Development Walk Hand in Hand

And, it's choice. Ten to one you understand how beliefs affect the things you do in personal development. Does it make sense whatever you believe, either empowering or disempowering, plays a HUGE role in your life?

I found you don’t have to worry when you discover you have disempowering beliefs about yourself because and I quote Tony Robbins ... the past does not equal the future.

You can change your beliefs about yourself.

What’s something you once believed you could never do? And that belief changed.

What’s one self-limiting belief you have about yourself today? And how could you change it if you really wanted to?

Here's what I find …

  • I love how good you feel when you do something you didn't think you could do ... and how the thing you did builds on an empowering belief.
  • I love the curiosity that comes with positive expectations about yourself.
  • I love the variety you find in your work AND personal life.
  • I love the sense of certainty you feel about yourself ... a confidence you never had before.
  • I love the strength you find to do something new and different.
  • I love the excitement you feel with empowering beliefs.

This IS what I found ... you GROW to believe more about yourself. You GROW to believe what you can really do. You see where you assumed you couldn’t do something. When really you can. You GROW into your work. Into what you're capable of. You GROW to believe in your work, your PASSION, and your ability to share that work and passion with others. You GROW in YOUR contribution ... whatever that may be for you! How? ... you grow to believe more about who you are.

If you don't have enough beliefs that say you can do a certain thing believe you CAN find more of the things you need to UP your beliefs so you can comfortably and confidently do whatever it is you want to do.

Let me say that a little differently ... if you have a bunch of beliefs that say you can't do something, know you can create a bunch more that WILL support you in doing the thing you want to do. Talk about support! Do you know what else is happening when you do this? You're replacing the uncertainty you felt before with new found certainty.

Your Radiance is the Brilliance of Your New Found Certainty

Zig Ziglar Quote 

I included this quote because creating change is so much easier when you have a mentor, teacher, or role model ... someone who inspires you to find the strength within to make a change. This person helps you realize how much more you can truly believe in yourself. That's what makes them great.

I believe ... when you want to create positive change in your life and you've given serious thought to the change you want to create – whereby that change fits perfectly into your life – then you can choose to see empowering beliefs at work whereby those new thoughts …

  • Show new found confidence replaces lack of confidence.
  • Result in an abundance of great (first :) impressions.
  • Provide a safety net when learning a new skill.
  • Demonstrate self-trust.
  • Help you see the BIG picture of what you're truly capable of doing.

How's that for some awesome reasons to believe in yourself? When you spend time thinking about and/or doing the things that matter to you – you feel better.

Plus, when you combine passion with empowering beliefs to your work you have fun ... a lot of fun. Work doesn't feel like work. And, personal development has new meaning.

The Truth About Beliefs and Habits Reveal Potential. Your Potential to Become Diamond Status.

There was a time I didn't realize empowering beliefs were something I could cultivate, like new habit of thought. Actually, I didn't realize I could even do that ... I didn't consciously think about these things.

The surprise? I learned and believe that the before and after of just those two things can help you eliminate communication gaps.

On which note, I created a strong desire to do what I love based on those discoveries. But first I needed to realize a few things ...

I gave new meaning to personal development ... which gives it room to really pop into everyday life.

It’s easy to feel passion when you love the work you do. But how do you get to that point? Not everyone is so lucky. I know because that’s me. I didn’t have a clue, although on reflection, should have.

I’d been dreaming of a career in that I knew there was one for me. But what?

I knew inspiration had something to do with it because I was drawn to inspiration.

Here’s where personal development really pops into my life. It was based on new decisions made to build a career based on my biggest question about me.

Interesting don’t you think? I now see part of the reason it didn’t go from should to actual is because I hadn’t explored enough to gain the confidence I needed to just go for it.

Had I explored more on the things I enjoy doing, I would have found you can do it as real work. Like as in, yes, get paid for the work you do.

I took to exploring in the personal development arena to mean ... discover new skills, learn, and practice the things I enjoy doing.

Makes you wonder if every artist feels this way in the beginning of their career -- whereby personal development becomes art.

Personalizing Personal Development Becomes Art. Your Art.

I’ve realized you can make personal development art. Your art. And, the reason it’s art is because you’re unique. No one will personalize their personal development exactly the same way you do.

You have specialties tucked away in your heart. Specialties that have stuck with you since you were a child. I believe this because it’s what I see develop and grow as I create my own personal development art. For my dream career.

If you understand any of my story up to this point you know I wanted to feel more than just confident speaking.

I wanted to communicate in a way that’s exciting, enthusiastic, and passionate about life.

And what I found was I want to be more than a better communicator … I really just want to be me. All the time.

I just thought of something else … this might sound like something other than what I really mean ... just because I looked for awesome communication in places that make it look like I’m interested in becoming an entrepreneur or speaker doesn’t mean that’s what I want to do. Because it’s not.

I know with absolute certainty what I love to do. I love to create content specific to the beauty of personal breakthroughs. I love to write when I give myself the time and space. I love to share in the beauty of breakthroughs because I know what it feels like to not know about them. For no reason other than you just don't know.

It's because I love genuine relationships that I discovered my passion. It's the why behind my search for awesome communication. In regards to my biggest question about myself and my deepest desire for personal growth (to get out of the communication gap I thought I was in), I looked in places where people go to grow as an entrepreneur or speaker because I was looking for how to speak from the heart. Not professionally, personally. ​ That was when I was looking for my acres of diamonds out there.

And, before I learned and experienced what I want comes from within. ... I learned before I could do anymore in personal development I had to experience a lot of personal growth. Because my passion has more to do with love than anything else. And, that love starts with me. Loving me. This IS the juice of breakthroughs. The highlight. It includes a variety of expression, plus, so much more.

For example, the variety of expression? Tools. Tools no different than what painter needs to paint a beautiful picture. That’s how I came about personal development as an art.

Your art? I'm happy to share what I did to build on my skills. The intent is for you to see personal development as an art and what that looks like from my point of view. And, if you like, you can apply the very same idea to what you would like to do. For your own job, career, or even as an entrepreneur at heart. 

Diamond status can never become diamond status without first being a diamond in the rough.

Plus, your art helps you see things differently ...

In my experience, you build on a strength of passion with personal development as your art. Empowering beliefs about your capabilities come with personal development. That’s obvious. It’s the blending of personal growth and personal development that makes it unique.

For instance, before I enjoyed the beauty of breakthroughs …

  • I would have first defined myself as a shy person. Well, maybe not shy. I didn’t like that word, but I would have first said I was quiet. I would never have done what I’m doing today with regards to publishing this blog. Not a chance.

  • I would never have discovered the passion you can have for your work. I would have settled without experiencing the intensity of emotions which come with having passion for your work.

  • I wouldn’t have started this blog (and all other websites/blogs I had started and stopped building) if I didn’t believe in myself.

  • I wouldn’t have discovered the good energy in me to know with absolute certainty what I do best so I can actually believe in a goal I have set for my dream career.

  • I wouldn’t have had the belief in me to set such a goal.

The Metaphor for Diamond is Breakthroughs in Personal Growth and Personal Development Combined

Once I learned and began to experience breakthroughs …

  • I discovered it's not that difficult to say what's in your heart. To say what's true for you.
  • I discovered awesome communication starts with you, within you. You don't have to go out looking for it. You already have it.
  • I discovered and discover ways to brighten and share the beauty of you … which, like a diamond in the rough … has some pretty rough edges at times. That’s natural. It’s part of the beauty because that’s the place you grow from. .
  • I discovered that for me, I am enough.

Your story will have different chapters, that is, you have different questions. You're looking for different answers to your own questions. You also have all the clues you need to get started.

The Brilliance of Diamond Status -- Nobody, but Nobody Has to Tell a Diamond it's a Diamond. It's a Diamond.

Here’s how I see it … your story, researching what is your story, and changing your story to be what makes you happy is the result of work plus conscious effort and perfectly illustrates the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth and personal development.

The “change” isn’t about what someone tells you. It’s not what you learn. It’s what you feel inside.

I discovered it’s about changing my story to align with, be in sync with … what I truly believe and care about.

The work is becoming aware of your story, researching includes looking at it with fresh perspective, and changing your story is based on what you truly believe and care about.

The result? Tremendous feelings of good ...

    • How you feel after you know you’ve put in a hard day's work.
      • The feeling you have after you’ve spent a few hours at a favourite sport.
        • The feeling you get once you’ve completed a project that caused you to stretch, to learn, and then do something new.
          • How proud you feel as a husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, or son, boyfriend, girlfriend ... when special moments happen.
            • The feeling of accomplishment you get once you’ve actually done something, where a short time before you felt you’d never get it.

              This … all of these good feelings is like the repetition it takes to go from a diamond in the rough to diamond status. That’s the beauty.