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... a diamond in the rough

My first draw to personal growth was that it made me feel good. ​

My biggest why ... I wanted to feel confident when speaking with people. I wanted to feel comfortable. ​ Because I didn't most of the time. ​

I wanted to easily express myself and just say what I want say ... from the heart. Like what I saw other people do. ​

I was curious about communication. ​ And had a self-limiting belief about my ability to communicate well with people. ​ I didn't realize there was more, way more, that I needed to understand about myself. ​

Looking back ... my big question has always been about communication. That is awesome communication.

Breakthroughs Help You Say What You Want to Say

Breakthroughs in personal growth. My story. Hi! My name is Becky. I'm sharing this story with you because I believe if it helps me in anyway it can help someone else as well.

I used to think being able to say what's on your mind and from the heart meant there was a whole lot I had to learn ... outside of myself. ​

I looked for awesome communication everywhere by learning in personal growth, personal development and as an entrepreneur at heart. And, started with personal development. ​

Then because what I was learning was answering my biggest question, or so I thought, I was happy to just be learning. ​

The best part? ... was the inspiration I found in reading and listening to people who shared enthusiasm, excitement, and passion on these topics. ​

One of my favourite memories is sitting outside with a stack of index cards and my morning coffee. ​

I totally enjoyed the quiet of early mornings and birds chirping in the background. I felt fresh and good inside. A perfect time to read, with heart, words that made me feel good about who I am and who I'm becoming.

Tony Robbins Quote | It's our unlimited power to CREATE and LOVE that makes the BIGGEST difference in the quality of our lives. | roses and baby breath

It was easy to love what I was reading on each one of those cards because I made them fun for me. ​

I coloured highlights where I wanted words to pop, used stickers for interest, and wrote what I wanted to be true for me. In goodness, strength, courage, curiosity, and what I thought to be personal freedom. ​

Little did I know I created a new habit ... a new way of reading. I'm not sure how long I did this for, as intensely as I did ... maybe three months or so. ​

I didn't do it for any reason other than what I mentioned earlier, wow! ... am I grateful. I was spiritually feeding myself and being good to me without conscious thought. ​

On reflection, I was beginning to love who I am. I was feeling a need for personal growth and acting on it. ​

See, no matter how small the act of kindness, including towards yourself, pays off BIG time. This is important. Really important. ​

During this time frame I was being my best resource and want to say because I did it once, I can do it again. Because I know how. ​

This insight is thanks to Tony Robbins! He talks about being your own best resource in the first session of the Ultimate Edge program. In fact, he says the best resource is resourcefulness.

How Awesome Communication Begins to Replace the Communication Gap

I discovered awesome communication starts with me. I later found out with my Robbins-Madanes Training that the basis of any happy relationship is heartfelt understanding. That meant, to me, the basis of a happy me is heartfelt understanding of myself.

I formed the opinion ...when in awesome communication [with yourself] you don't always know, right off the bat, what your conversation even is, yet.

Meaning ...

It doesn't get to awesome without you doing some work first.

The work has to do with when you experience new emotions. That in itself is cause for new discussion. New understanding. ​

Tony Robbins explains this in a way that makes doing the work easier in his book Awaken the Giant Within and in his Ultimate Edge program. ​

And, just in case you're interested ... my favourite hands on research comes from reading and re-reading Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

You know what else is exciting about breakthroughs? You get to see the progress you make (in personal growth) anytime you write things down and then ten or more years go by and you read it again.

Actually, from both the rereading the book and the comments and questions you wrote down. ​

This one small action makes it possible for you to see how much your perspective has changed. ​

You suddenly realize how much you didn't understand (about yourself : ) however many days, months, or years ago it was. ​ You see what went over your head because you understand today. This IS all you need to feel like you ARE making progress.

I love that I found …

  • I get to discover things I never realized ... about myself.
  • I get to find out why I thought a certain way about a certain thing. Things aren't JUST BECAUSE. There's a reason.
  • I get to feel good. Just because I decide to.
  • I get to empower myself with new beliefs that support what I really want in my life.
  • I gain a fresh perspective that feels right for me.

    What I love about personal growth is that it's very personal. It's your thing. It's about you. ​

    And, even though I had self-limiting beliefs about communication before, THIS gave me room to explore and be curious.

    your acres of diamonds  

    Can you see how I started looking for my acres of diamonds out there ... by reading and learning anything and everything I could on personal development, entrepreneurship, and personal growth?


    I had become discontent about my own ability to communicate well.


    That is ... to say what I want, when I want, from the heart.


    Can you associate any of my story with your own?


    You might be totally happy with how you communicate ... but maybe there's something else? What have you discovered to be true for you?

    How Do You Know the Questions to Ask About Breakthroughs, When You Don't Know What You Don't Know?

    I didn't just want to know about breakthroughs. I need to know what to do to get from feeling like I was in a communication gap to awesome communication. This had me ask specific questions for my situation.

    What is your day to day experience? What is your situation? How could becoming aware of your situation zoom in on the questions you need to ask for yourself?

    Take the average person who wants to create empowering change in their life. What kind of questions do they ask? ... or know to ask?

    Speaking from experience ... maybe they don't know the kind of questions to ask and instead stumble upon answers given through a maze of unplanned experiences. That was me.

    How about you? What kind of questions do you ask yourself or others when you want to create change in your life?

    You know what I love about breakthroughs in personal growth? Everything you do is for right reasons. And, you know it's right because you experience breakthroughs.

    Ever hear the phrase "own it"? I have and here's what I found it to mean ... I feel like I'm learning a new language with breakthroughs in personal growth!

    I began to speak a special language with people as I became comfortable identifying more about me. And, what makes it extra special is simple ... it's about me authentically being me.

    What I've learned is you can't ignore personal growth, personal development, and what you do for your career or as an entrepreneur separately. ​

    It's too confusing to see personal breakthroughs in any one area as not associated to the other areas. They're not separate languages and never can be because you're YOU in each area – you take who you are to each area of your life.

    Given you don't speak more than one language; it'd be like saying you speak French in personal growth, Spanish in personal development, and English at your workplace. Just how do you do that when you speak only one language?

    Here's how I started to experience confidence in my ability to communicate...

    The best way this makes sense to me is to see breakthroughs in any one area as building awesome communication with yourself and others.

    A true fan …I found I naturally love to share in awesome communication because it's win/win/win for everyone.

    I also believe if I can do it, you can too! It's pretty much heart to heart conversation when and where a situation feels right for you.

    I don't mean to sound like I know everything about awesome communication because I don't. And, that's good. I'm not perfect, and never want to be.

    What I do know … from what I do do : ) is what I want to share with you. I'm smiling and excited because the thing I once believed I couldn't do is what I naturally love to do!

    Has this ever happened for you? Sure it has. Want to create another breakthrough?

    I just had a breakthrough! This breakthrough has to do with my up and coming dream career, a humongous goal by the way, which I'll explain later as an entrepreneur at heart.

    How I see it, awesome communication is built on a number of things including awareness, and more specifically, personal growth and personal development when experienced together create a foundation of empowering beliefs ... here's what I mean [read more].