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Keep in Mind Personal Growth & You ...

Would you believe it? A mini conversation. Sometimes all you need is a few words of wisdom.

It’s a few words that offer connection and comfort in a way that provides the space you need, in this moment, for a little growth.

So, how could you look at reading a quote on breakthroughs as a mini conversation? Just personalize it in your favour.

Here's some thoughts and a few short conversations for you ...


And, it's probably a crazy idea because of the story being told. The beauty is we get change our story any time we want. So, although it may sound crazy to begin with it really is an opportunity.

"The day before ..." personal growth is ready and waiting to happen. If you push inner wisdom aside you miss the point. You miss the lesson. And, wind up feeling frustrated.

Instead you can choose to be aware how you're feeling. Take note if you respond to the words you just read or react. That'll be your first clue.

Another fitting conversation [quote!] ...


How you come across to others is how you're really feeling. How are you feeling? Happy? Certain? Confused? Uncertain? Reflective?

Check out the truth for you … pay attention and reflect on a few decisions you’ve made recently. How were you feeling at the time? Do you see how feeling a certain way affected your decision?

A friendly challenge ~ if you want to create empowering variety into your day, as well as make decisions you can be proud of, pay attention to your feelings. I’ll join you!

Sounds like an obvious thing to do and easy too. After all, how hard can it be to pay attention to your feelings? To know what you're feeling all the time? And then to feel just right.

You'd be surprised at the new insight that comes with reflecting over reactions or responses when you're ready for a breakthrough.

How about this … why is it Ralph Waldo Emerson felt this way?



When it comes to realizing who's in control of breakthroughs in personal growth – how can you not get excited?

You have the control. This is a good place to be in control … to feel what you want, and not what you feel out of habit.

Because sometimes those old habits of feeling aren’t what you really want to be feeling. Seriously, just ask me.

The way to there ... where the basis of any happy relationship is heartfelt understanding, then the basis of a happy you is heartfelt understanding too. With you understanding you. Makes sense, right?

It's my opinion, when in awesome communication [with yourself] you don't always know, right off the bat, what your conversation even is, yet.

Meaning, it doesn't get to awesome without you doing some work first.

Especially when you experience new emotions. That in itself is cause for new discussion. New understanding. Within yourself.

From this place, I find when I read words of wisdom and experience, I feel understood ... that I'm not alone in my situation.

It’s not a breakthrough if you don’t experience the experience. And, take new action.

Children know this ... they're so great. They get a lot of things we forget as adults. Because ... what do they do when they get angry? How do they get to feeling good again? They decide. Right?

Remember, no one can make you feel anything. Try telling a child how to feel ... good luck! They decide how they want to feel. This is no different. It's just healthy space.

The reason all this is so important is because breakthroughs in personal growth is going from where you used to be (uncertainty) to a place of feeling good (certainty).

Perfect timing for a perfect quote ... 

The dance? Yes … you’re learning the dance! Have you been to a Tony Robbins' event? Have you seen him pick someone from the crowd and at first fight the fear and then dance with it? 

Here's where the wisdom behind the right words at the right time can make a difference.


While your state (how you feel) is a change-in-progress, instead of having a conversation that won't and can't go anywhere (until you get you right), picture this (to get you right : ) …

But first, are you one of those people who pictures a free parking spot in front of a busy store and pulls right in?

Or, have you thought of someone and they've called you?

Doesn't happen to me.

This does ... I can walk over to the bookshelf, pick up a book, flip through it, and there it is! The just right quote. Sometimes I flip through a few more times and there's another one. Perfect for me and or my work.

This is a favourite way to find quotes.

Love when this happens and know how you feel when pull into a free parking spot or get a call from someone you're thinking about.

Just like you experience a, "Yes!", I feel the same good energy.

It's shared insight, wisdom, and gifts in a sentence or two that make your day! That inspire you to feel your best. Isn't that cool?

I'm happy the quote thing happens over the parking one ... as for thinking of someone and that person calling ... I like that one.

The next quote comes from Tony Robbins' Money: Master the Game [Pages 184-199 ~ awesome section explaining breakthroughs].

"A breakthrough is a moment


You know how it's said you see the world from your perspective, not how it really is? ... this idea, thought, insight, experience, and wisdom – has been quoted in a variety of ways by more than one author.

This idea also lays the foundation for how you interpret the words you read.

For example ... if you're new to breakthroughs you'll see the insight and wisdom shared from where you are, from what you understand, right now.

Then notice how your perspective changes with new understanding. See it change with breakthroughs in personal growth. With new experiences.

If you’re new to breakthroughs you may not see things from this point of view, yet. The thing is you become more open to what IS available to you.

Plus, depending on the state you’re in … how you feel this moment … affects the meaning you’ll give shared insight or wisdom.

With this in mind, I'm going to share how I find quotes helpful with regards to breakthroughs in personal growth.

I want to do this for you because one, I love doing this kind of work. And two, maybe you don't have time.

I hope you enjoy the insight, wisdom, and experience found on these pages. And, if your perspective is totally different, I respect that too.

When you reflect on what’s true for you … things feel different, with some thoughtfulness, of course.

For instance, when you listen to Tony Robbins' Ultimate Edge program and hear a quote like the following you recognize a truth you might never have thought of ...

"Let's not forget


If you’re interested in expanding the conversation [treat yourself to more than a written quote] listen to Tony Robbins explain what you need to create a breakthrough.

I love taking notes as a student of Tony Robbins. Here's some of what I got with added personalization (best way to absorb!) ...

Strategy is about what you need to do to get doing the thing you want to be doing.

Meaning, experiencing the feelings you want to be experiencing. More often. Way more often! Tony shows you fun strategies that work. And, if your first thought is, "I don't get strategies", I can relate. 100%.

I used to go blank when I read or heard talk about strategy. I used to skim over it or stop listening, believing I'd never get it.

You get past this! You do, before you know it you action strategy. Hey, if I can do it ... I believe you can too. Just think of strategy as something you already do. Because it's true.

Story is about the story you tell yourself. Your reasons for everything. How you see you. How you express you ... telling your story.

It's made up of ...

  • Your why which is what you're busy caring about [tip: there's reasons you might experience a disempowering emotion when you most care about love and connection so don't let your story confuse you].
  • Your beliefs. Which is a bunch of resources you've bundled together to make up your mind about things.

Thing is ... how reliable are those resources? You might need new resources [tip (shared homework : ) Questioning disempowering beliefs starts to break them down].

Quality State is when you feel good about you. State is about how you're feeling. In any given moment. Which accumulated then make up for habitual states. Habits of emotion. [graphic: quality state feels like]