Create a Breakthrough | Your Story



Create a Breakthrough | Your Story


Everyone has a story … the story they tell themselves. Tired of the same old story? Create a breakthrough. Watch Tony Robbins and Peter Guber share insight.

I love the conversation Peter Guber and Tony Robbins have here in this video about stories.

The stories of who we are. The other thing I love about the conversation has to do with presence. The thing about presence is it makes you want to listen more.

It makes you want to feel presence and experience it for yourself.

Peter Guber and Tony Robbins share a presence in this conversation that encourages you to look at the stories you tell yourself ... about your life.

I'm talking about the stories that affect your day to day life. It's not a story where once upon a time this thing happened ... it's more the story you stay true to, whether you like it or not.

Wouldn't it be better to change the story to something you like? To empower you versus dis-empower you?

How to Research Your Story. Everyone Has Beliefs, Values, and Needs.


 Create a Breakthrough | Your Story

Have you researched the stories you tell yourself? What is that research based on? Empowering Beliefs? About yourself?

Values you care about teamed up with actions that fill your needs in a way that matters most to you?

The best stories are well researched aren’t they? From a collection of novels to self-improvement books highlighted from beginning to end, to your favourite film … each one is accurate in the details specific to that story.

What about your story? Your collection of stories? How could you finesse the details so your story is the best it could be?

The best fit for you.

What if you were to get the big picture of how breakthroughs in personal growth help refine the details of your top story? The one that empowers you. Actually it's you empowering you.

Maybe this will help [from the perspective of breakthroughs] ..Personal Growth and You ... a diamond in the rough

Editing Your Story. Pre-Breakthroughs Melt Away the Distance Between Your Fears and Desires.

A Breakthrough Story reveal the breakthrough discovery after you go through a number of pre-breakthroughs.

Makes sense that depending on the challenge or need … you might have to go in and edit several chapters before you can present the whole of the story to yourself in an empowering way.

I experienced a personal and major breakthrough discovery creating these pages for you. Which means there had to be quite a few pre-breakthroughs before I could see I was never caught in a communication gap … like I thought I was.

I used to feel like there was a distance between me and who I was talking to. Not all the time of course, but a lot of the time.

I thought it because I was doing something wrong. So, I tried to fix it (me) with books and speaking workshops. That was my story. One of my stories.

Thing is I did learn I was doing something wrong. And, that was trying to fix me from the outside. Instead of just being and really truly loving me.

How to Create New Empowering Beliefs for Your Story

So now, if you read the above Breakthrough Glossary you would have seen the pages explaining the things which make up for what feels like a communication gap.

It's a recap of what I learned and experienced for myself before I could fully understand I was never in a communication gap in the first place.

And, guess what? I didn’t feel the breakthrough discovery at the time I created that slide … not like yesterday, and today!

I believe when Tony Robbins says it's not enough to know something, you have to use it to know it.

And, what I mean to say is ... I now believe it true for me. Sometimes the action is processing, associating, and making the connection.

It's rewriting my story based on my personal research about me.

The Story Doesn't Have to Be Perfect. It Just Has to Have You Being Perfectly You.

I now know it’s not a communication gap because … well, I discovered there’s a number of things that if you do them will make a difference.

There are things, if you don’t them, will make you feel like you’re not communicating as fully as you can.

I learned it starts with exercising your inner voice. Know your feelings, pay attention to your feelings, acknowledge them …this was the start of a serious relationship with me. No fluff. No B.S. Just getting to the truth.

My favourite reference for working on my story is Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power both written by Tony Robbins.

If you haven't read these books I highly recommend it ... seriously, if you just read one page, just one paragraph, you'll empower your day. Each book is plump full of action steps you can take to do what you want to do. To feel however you want to feel.

Ready to build some momentum? Aren't you glad you're never too young or too old to experience breakthroughs? I am. Happy Breakthroughs!

Breakthroughs help you say what you want to say. Not just think it. :)

And, just in case you missed it, you’ll find the Breakthrough Glossary right here.

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