The Intrigue Behind Becoming VAK Smart

Reveals Ultimate Strength—Empowerment with each breakthrough. True Love—The essence of who you are at your core. SuperPowers—Natural progression leaning towards your greatest contributions.

Becky West

About Becoming a VAK

What if you discovered answers to the BIGGEST question you have about yourself?

And, it became a journey that took you from living one way, day to day, to experiencing life in a whole new way.

Empowering you to be the best you, including all your imperfections.

That's what I'm talking about.

  • Self-Awareness on a Scale of 1–10

    Self-Awareness On A Scale of 1–10

    The difference in personal breakthroughs is in self-awareness.

  • Everyday Feelings—If you're kinesthetic, you're on the same page.

    Everyday Feelings

    If you're kinesthetic you're on the same page. If not, here's some K of VAK.

  • Before becoming VAK smart you looked at things one way—becoming VAK smart you gain a well rounded perspective.

    Before Becoming VAK Smart—

    You looked at things one way. Becoming VAK smart you gain a well rounded perspective.

  • Primary go to—Visual

  • Primary go to—Auditory

  • Primary go to—Kinesthetic

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Getting to Know Me

If you've ever created something special and from the heart you know what I mean when I say I love creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs based on the lessons I've learned and experienced with Tony Robbins as my coach through his books, events, audios, plus.

I am an everyday person with a serious hobby and an inner drive to share the beauty of becoming VAK smart. This is my passion.

I can even hone in closer if you're seriously interested in becoming VAK Smart.

And that is to say, the discoveries and personal breakthroughs in becoming VAK smart I share are coming from the primary place of being a kinesthetic girl first.

So hear me when I say ...

Wait! There's More

Starting today, like Steven Spielberg, you can develop the sensory acuity to master your own movie making skills by becoming the director of YOU.

Bet you're thinking, "Wait, what?".

You don't have to understand this yet, but can you see we're now including the visual and the auditory of VAK? As in becoming VAK smart.

That's because we are. It's the coolest thing ever. Things are never just one way.

teen/young woman-hands in the air with director's equipment behind her | in becoming VAK smart—Does she or doesn’t she -  only her inner VAK team knows for sure.

Does she or doesn't she—only her inner VAK team knows for sure.

Worst movie you’ve seen? It most likely fell short of your expectations. Didn’t move you.

Focus off. Sounds inconsistent. Plainly, it didn’t align with how you like to be entertained? 

Associate this with how you experience one day, knowing what you now know.

What if learning something new AND taking action would help enhance each scene from your day?

You could brighten a moment, harmonize the sound, and feel an inner calm knowing you’re creating a blockbuster movie based on VAK smarts.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Becoming VAK Smart

My personal experience is this… you have a main go to which is either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. I didn't choose it, it's kinda like being right handed or left handed.

The other thing is kinesthetic is my natural tendency, not only as an adult, but ever since I can remember. Which brings my younger self into the picture...

  • I learned...

  • Inner Work of becoming VAK smart

    If you're primarily kinesthectic...

  • Inner Work of becoming VAK smart

    The auditory part of you is under exercised.

  • Inner Work of becoming VAK smart

    And, the visual part of you is under exercised too.

Positioned For a Breakthrough

Feels Like You're MORE Than Enough

Feels Like You're UNSTOPPABLE

Feels Like UNLIMITED Power

Beginning to Walk the Talk in Becoming VAK Smart

    Join In the Conversation

    I do my part and you're invited to add in yours by reading along and creating new experiences with each and every excercise in Unlimited Power written by Tony Robbins.

    If I don't say so myself, it's the most exhilerating journey of self-discovery I could ever imagine. On that note, you can't imagine this journey in full detail—only because you can't see the full picture, as of yet. If there was a song written and the chorus was something like, "Give me V, give me an A, give me a K.", I would've only been able to give you a "K".

    Question—What if the starting point for you was a decision to not only enjoy expanded awareness, but also start visualizing each of the strengths and each empowerment you read, true for you? All because you actioned the exercise. If I can do it, OMG! Cheers to your every breakthrough! Here's an opportunity to walk through Tony's Book with a friend's perspective. I would have loved this... just saying. Click the button!

    Loving Unlimited Power