Niche Copywriter

True for this copywriter. What Everyone Ought to Know About the Ugly Duckling and Copywriting

Did you watch the Ugly Duckling?

As a copywriter or entrepreneur it's important you do to understand the heart of this message.

Actually, given your expertise and contribution as a copywriter or entrepreneur you probably already understand the message. And, I've written only three sentences.

Still, what happens when you love everything about copywriting and for one reason (excuse) or another you just never seem to get there. You know, there writing, creating, and having fun doing what you believe you do best.

Where yes, there's obviously room for tons of improvement and just as many incredible mentors or role models, such as yourself. But because of circumstances, obstacles, and challenges, you're not fitting in anywhere, yet.

What if you feel like the Ugly Duckling? What if you try to fit in but for the most part don't? What if you realize the reasons but can't change them? You know, the ones out of your control? Well, maybe you get strong, fed up, or frustrated and say, "Enough!".

Enough of not working personal resources in your own favour. This alone creates so many more opportunities. This is a switch in perspective.

Now for the things you know you can control. What if you swallow your pride and say, "Hey maybe, just maybe, if I try to fit in with the right family (niche) I too can make a contribution. As a professional copywriter. Or, whatever it is for you.

There's no doubt niche copywriting is the right family for me. I specialize in it all the time. As a hobby. A serious hobby. Have you made this same transition too?

Setting the Scene. The Niche? Breakthroughs

My niche as a copywriter is Breakthroughs. I create and share content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart.

Why am I telling you this? Because one and this is a big one ... I discovered my passion because of breakthroughs. And two, I work my passion which helps me build a strong belief in what I can do.

Minus any and all fluff. Fluff doesn't go with passion. Instead it's made up of all the things you want in your life whereby you appreciate authenticity, genuineness, and caring.

If you could uncover your passion by paying special attention to the things you do, the things you enjoy to do, plus own your strengths, would you?

And then ... what if you were to openly share experience and insight wherever and whenever you could to make transition specific to your expertise easier for others? What if you took your lessons to heart and shaped them in the work you do for the people you can help best?

Would this help you determine a niche you have tremendous passion for, as well as, open communication between the people you can help best and yourself?

A simple way to build momentum … Work Your Passion

Hi! My name is Becky West and I'm inviting you to think about the things you enjoy doing because there's more than just than enjoyment there. There's an abundance of contribution waiting to be expressed and bundled with your each and every creation. This is my discovery.

Your discovery? What have you found to be true for you in discovering your passion? ... before your discovery? Maybe you don't know your passion, yet. Maybe you're a work-in-progress busy being inspired by your own role models, teachers, or mentors.

Still, why not celebrate it? By recognizing how passion empowers your life. By noticing how it makes you feel any time you express it.

The reason? Once you live with passion and do work you love to do, once you know where you fit in (your niche), you come to fully realize the people who you can help best ... you feel really, really good. Actually, you feel great! For no reason, other than you know you put in a great day's work with or without pay. You can work your passion like a hobby (with goals) and still feel wonderful about your work.

If you haven't discovered your passion there's still excitement in doing the prep work ... so you see, no matter where you are on your journey, you know in your heart you're onto something big. So really, what's not to celebrate?

The proof is in the pudding … The Beauty of Breakthroughs

One of the reasons I'm creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs here is because my role models have empowered me and I want to give back. As in pay it forward. So, this is exactly what you'll find on this site.

The biggest proof you'll have about anything I say will come from your heart. That's the beauty of breakthroughs. One of them.

And so you know, info copywriter means (to me) of all I love to learn in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart, is not only a collection of books, audios, and online programs that make up my little library ... but also, and more importantly, a new group of people who would guide and teach me through those same books, audios, and online programs.

They can help you discover answers to the biggest questions you have about yourself. They've helped me. That's beauty. They help so many people.

Who are your role models? What gift have they given you? … that makes you want to pay it forward? … however you can, from wherever you are in discovering your passion?

Here's one role model who gave me my most favourite marketing lesson ... Education Based Marketing rocks!

And, here's what Personalized Education-Based Marketing means to me.