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Why would you, Tony Robbins, be intrigued to accept a dinner invitation for two? Besides to share in new friendship, stories, and natural beauty?

Story time first ... the things we have in common

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blog

Imagine how I felt when I looked out the window, saw him walk onto the deck, then saunter over to my chair. ​

There’s nothing hurried about his presence. In fact, he looks as though he doesn’t have a care in world. … which isn’t surprising when you look at this choice for a dining experience.

In fact, people come visit from all over the world.

What is surprising is he rests against my chair and the railing for a few minutes looking out at the view … then plops himself down … into my chair!

I watched him ... he sat there enjoying the warmth of the summer breeze, the welcome melody of a robin, and the instant tranquility only a setting like this can give you.

He took in the view of the soft, steady rhythm of waves from the pacific ocean … the staggering placement of Malcolm Island, Cormorant Island, and Pearse Island … a blue sky that made you feel you’d found the end of a rainbow … he took it all in … oblivious to anything and everything else around him … including the book and pot of tea sitting right next to him. ​

I have to admit, it was a beautiful site and it touched my heart until he broke the magic of the moment ... stood up ... and toppled my chair. ​

I’ve never come across the likes of him in the two short seasons I’ve served at the lodge. Ever.

This is not only one of the most beautiful places I’ve worked at … but also a place which offers that same beauty to open up inside of you. So, needless to say, his actions surprised me.

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blogHi Tony! Picture yourself looking out this same window from the dining room ...

... listening to Guitar Music for Small Rooms, and loving the later afternoon aroma of baking cinnamon twists, apple pie, and homemade buns.

The menu for dinner changes every day … one night your choices could be Baked Snapper in Parchment Paper served with Rice and Vegetables, a Grilled Chicken Breast in Garlic Lemon Cream Sauce served over Pappardelle Pasta with Garlic Bread, or a Quinoa Chili bowl topped with Cheese and Avocado served with Pita Bread. ​

Now picture ... you have a window seat at one of the four tables in front of six 5½ foot high windows that run the length of the deck.

My Restaurant Letter | info copywriter blog

For instance, last summer there was a Great Blue Heron who stayed most of the season. There was a bed of kelp floating out front and to the right ... and there he sat. Most all the time. Ever hear a heron? I did for the first time last summer ... they're definitely not shy birds.

Even hummingbirds dine with us. You see hundreds of hummingbirds early in the season. They can empty two hummingbird feeders in less than a day or two. That's how many there are.

One day Dan asked if I ever met a Marten. I said no, but that I'd met him and the morning chef ... okay, you had to be there. Anyways, I got to see a marten for the first time ... he ran back and forth on a board leaned up against the roof near the kitchen window.

Even the evening chef gets visitors ... she was mixing a creation at the window when something caught her eye outside the open window. There sitting on the bluff ten feet back and looking in was a black bear. Just sitting there ... probably taking in the same delicious smells I enjoy each and every day at work. ​

See, we get locals as well as guests from all around the world ... people from places like the United Kingdom, Holland, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Germany, England, Africa, China, and Italy. We also get visitors from the island, mainland, and other provinces in Canada. ​

And then there's the wild guests who pass and/or stop by including transient whales, resident whales, dolphins, seals, otters, steller jays, cougars, deer, ravens, and minks.

Dinner Invitation for Two

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